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The T.R.U. Ball® Inside Out X back tension target releases raise the bar again on technology, accuracy, and design. This premier back tension style target releases features patent pending zero-torque single head adjustment to remove the twist on any d-loop at full draw. an infinite 2-screw speed adjustment has engraved marks on the handle for quick, easy, and accurate settings. The inside out X also features an easy 2-screw flip sear that changes the release from a “click” to “no-click”, with a self closing spring bail, simply push the gate closed to load on your bow string. The new Inside Out X release has an all new fast sear/cage position, designed for minimal back-tension travel. Simply remove and reattach the head portion w/sear block and cage to the forward location position. All Inside Out X releases come standard with rubber inserts in finger portions of the handle. The Inside Out X is available in small 25/32”, medium 7/8”, large 1” and x-large 1 1/8” handle hole sizes. The Inside Out X release can be purchased with any of the following finger grooves: two finger, three finger, four finger, and four finger straight. Purchase “optional” handle pieces separately to change the release configuration to a 2, 3, 4, or 4 finger model without finger grooves. Truly, “revolutionary back tension releases!”

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