AccuStat Scope

AXCEL® Archery

     The AccuStat scope is the premiere multi-pin micro-adjustable housing that
will fit on to any AXCEL® sight with a 2nd and 3rd axis removable block. This
includes the AccuTouch, Achieve or AX series sights. Offered in three and five
pin configurations, with a choice of 0.010" or 0.019" pin sizes, or with the color options of green, red, blue and yellow. The AccuStat scope has a void in the engraving at the center of the scope for those archers that choose to use their chaser pin in the exact middle of the housing. The AccuStat micro-adjustable pins work similarly to that of the popular Armortech hunting sight, where you can loosen one or multiple pins for moving at a time. On the AccuStat scope you will find a Rheostat fiber cover that allows the archer to adjust the brightness of the pins. The AccuStat also will accept a Rheostat sight light. The 1 ¾” housing  has 24” of fiber weaving all the way around the scope. The AccuStat will also feature a level bubble, where the bubble and bubble housing are within the circumference of the housing. All AccuStat scopes will come with a large bubble.


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