T.R.U. Ball® Release

The Abyss is a brass thumb activated release, that uses the same exact handle as the Fulkrum and Fulkrum Flex, with the same impact points. The Abyss uses the same lever alignment system (LAS) technology as the Fulkrum and Fulkrum Flex. What does this mean? It means that you don't have to worry about what hinge/back-tension release to choose, you now have one to match in the Fulkrum or Fulkrum Flex. The Abyss comes with a unique three stage tension adjustment system. So all archers can be accommodated with their specific feel in trigger weight. Simply remove the sensitivity set screw and insert either the yellow or red spacer. The Abyss features a simple locking travel adjustment screw, that allows you to set the travel to your preference quickly and easily. An adjustable thumb trigger comes of the Abyss allowing a "where you want to feel." Crisp, clean and comfortable shots are what you can expect with the Abyss.



CLICK HERE to download Abyss Instructions



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