Armortech Picatinny Fixed Pin Sight

AXCEL® Archery

 AXCEL®'s ARMORTECH head on this sight is "Tougher Than a Tank, Yet Fine-Tuned Like a Sportscar" Top Features include:

*FirePin equipped- Tough CNC-machined pins resist bending and breaking in the woods
*The easiest micro-adjustment for each individual pin. Loosen the screw in a pin, turn the micro-adjustment knob to move that pin up or down, and then re-snug the screw! Quick adjustment in seconds!
*Sight pin pivot lock in each pin is engineered not to vibrate loose. 
*Adjustable 2nd/3rd Axis
*Interchangeable LH/RH
*Tool-less Micro-adjust windage and elevation knobs with little to no backlash!
*Fine-tuned precision elevation and windage gang adjustments with 20 clicks per revolution (0.00156" per click)
*CCT CoPlanar Centering Technology-Aiming ring at same depth as sight pins, designed for greater accuracy when viewed slightly off-center
*TCV True Center Vision Technology-Venturi/Hourglass-shaped scope keeps the inside diameter of the shape round, even when viewed slightly off center
*Inside diameter of scope is 1-5/8", but Venturi-shape allows 1-3/4" (41mm) lenses and lenses accessories that work with our AV41 scopes.
*Frosted cover protects fiber from breaking, yet keeps pins bright!!!
*1-3/4" scope size
*Available in 4, 5, or 7 pin models!
*Available with .010" or .019" fiber sizes
*Special orders for custom pin colors are available for a small charge.

CLICK HERE to download the Armortech Instructions

AXCEL® Archery teamed up with Hoyt® Archery for this new Picatinny In-Line Sight Mounting System. Currently available with Hoyt®'s flagship hunting bows (RX5 and Ventum), the Picatinny In-Line system is available in one of three configurations for our Top-Selling AXCEL® Sights: 1)ArmorTech and RheoTech, 2)AccuTouch or AccuHunter, and 3)Landslyde sights.

The main reason for choosing a Picatinny In-Line sight mount is so that you can mount your sight to the front of your bow for better bow balance and to free up the side of your bow for a quiver mount. In addition, the proven Picatinny mounting system that has been proven over decades of use in other industries to create a super strong and durable connection to the bow riser.

What makes AXCEL®'s connection so functional is the ability to adjust the sight in or out to one of three positions to match the peep sight to the scope housing or up or down to one of three positions on the bow riser for enhanced elevation adjustments.

While this system is very solid, it is also very functional! Adjustments with each picatinny connection can be done with one screw and snugged down slightly with a hex key wrench for a little extra security.

⚠️ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel Acetate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit  


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