Armortech Vision HD

AXCEL® Archery

Bringing new technology to a market that asks, “what more can be done?” The AXCEL® Armortech Vision offers a 2” housing for optimal view of your target. It brings new meaning to “seeing is believing!” The Armortech Vision also contains the innovative T.C.V. (True Center Vision), a perfect circular picture, even when viewed slightly off center. Continuing the tough as a tank attitude found in the original Armortech, the same engineering is back with a vengeance in the Vision. The 3-time “Inside Archery” Best Buy award winner still features A.F.T. (Armor Fiber Technology) 100% fiber protection, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment, interchangeable right and left hand capabilities, individual micro adjustment on each pin, co-planar technology in engraved partial ring at the depth of the sight pins, for greater accuracy when viewed slightly off center. The Armortech-HD Vision includes the Mathews® Harmonic Damper, as well as the ever popular pro series with the micro adjustable dovetail bracket. Available with 4, 5, or 7 pins in .010”, .019” or .029” fiber size. 

The innovative line of AXCEL® Armortech Vision is, by far, an engineering marvel. 
“Set your sights on AXCEL®!”

CLICK HERE to download the Armortech Vision instructions

Mathews® Harmonic Damper™ is a trademark of Mathews, Inc.

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