AXCEL® Archery


Each CarboFlax Stabilizer features one of AXCEL®'s patent pending Kryptós Arc Vibration Dampeners. As our designers tested stabilizers, they also tested vibration dampeners. They soon learned that some products were gimmicks, while others really worked well. They learned that some shapes may have affected the X and Y axes, but didn't touch the Z axis, sending shock back into the archer's hand. We are proud that the Kryptós Arc offers superior dampening in all axes...X, Y, and Z! The equally spaced ribs around the circumference cause superior Z-axis vibration reduction. The Arc-Shaped Scalloped Rings with smallest diameter grooves in the middle cause superior X & Y axis vibration reduction. Beyond the shape, our strong proprietary rubber material supports up to 10 oz of weights with minimal sag. Our Kryptós Arc Vibration Dampeners are the result of extreme testing and come standard on all CarboFlax stabilizers.

Each CarboFlax 500 Pro Stabilizer comes with:
* Hybrid Composite Technology in 1/2 inch (.500") diameter for better wind resistance
* Kryptós Arc Vibration Dampener
* One 2 oz SST weight with one inch outside diameter
* One 1 oz SST weight with one inch outside diameter

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