AXCEL® Archery

Improve Balance by keeping scope block closer to center of elevation bar.

30%-40% Reduced Vibration

  • 1.5 - Removed 1.2oz. from target end of sight
  • 2.0 - Removed 1oz. from target end of sight

All the same technology as the Achieve XP with the addition of superior vibration and weight reduction.

The 1.5  is good for every fixed distance tournament (18m, 20yd, 50m) for Recurve and Compound, and is also good for 3D Compound 290fps ASA and IBO Tournaments.


Xtra Performance Recurve Features

  •  - New ultra high modulus carbon bar, 2x stronger, contains thicker layers of carbon
  • - New wedge lock bow mount bracket is hands down stronger than any other (patent pending)
  • - In-line tension adjustment allows the sight pin to stay on target from shot to shot
  • - Stronger 10-32 windage lead screw
  • - Enlarged diameter windage and elevation knobs with click locks
  • - Thinner, weight-reducing elevation rail
  • - Sleeve lock aperture block (included in all Recurve models)
  • - Ultra High Modulus Carbon 9" bar for Recurve sights
  • - Sight pin alignment block (sold separately for Recurve models) 

Available in Left Hand/Right Hand

Available Colors: Black/Black, Blue/Black, Gold/Black, Green/Black, Orange/Black, Purple/Black, Red/Black, or Silver/Black

 Colors may vary from pictures


CLICK HERE to download the Achieve XP VR Tech Manual


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