AXCEL® Archery

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Achieve XP PRO Compound Features
  •   SVD (Superior Vibration Dampening) Patent Pending   - Designed into the Elevation and Windage  GIB Travel Systems that feature all new internal GIBs and GIB- Guideways that squelch vibrations inwardly, and protect the guide surfaces from any dents or scratches for the life of the product. All tension is internally designed to apply pressure forces in the direction of the target for superior accuracy.
  • Single Screw Balanced Tension Adjustments - Only tournament sight to offer single screw balanced tension adjustments with lock downs (for zero movement) on both windage and elevation. All adjustments made exert pressure in the direction of the target for maximum accuracy.
  • New Diamond Weave ultra high modulus carbon bar - cancels twist/vibrations by 50%
  • Wedge lock bow mount bracket is hands down stronger than any other. Features Dual Bridge Technology (patent pending)
  • In-line tension adjustment allows the sight pin to stay on target from shot to shot
  • Stronger 10-32 windage lead screw
  • Enlarged diameter windage and elevation knobs with click locks
  • Thinner, weight-reducing elevation rail
  • Metal sight tape option for compound models only (8 included, 20 sold separately)    Included with sight (Sight Tape #):
    • 5-6   | 13-14 | 31-22 | 29-30
    • 9-10 | 17-18 | 25-26 | 33-34
The sight tapes are only available in yard measurements 

 Available Colors:

Black/Black, Green/Black, Gold/Black, Blue/Black, Orange/Black, Red/Black, Silver/Black, and Purple/Black

 Colors may vary from pictures


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