AXCEL® Archery


AXCEL® X-VIBE Vibration Dampener
For a year, AXCEL®'s design team tested almost every stabilizer and vibration dampener on the market to see what works and what is hype. They were then able to create bars and dampeners that would work better than anything currently available. One of the most revolutionary products that came from that research is the AXCEL X-VIBE Vibration Dampener. This dampener attaches to the outer diameter of the carbon rod and pinches rubber tight against the carbon with a 3 oz stainless steel weight to ensure spectacular shock absorption at the initial shot of the bow and throughout the remainder of the shot sequence.. The X-Vibe can slide the entire length of the carbon bar, so you can put the vibration damper where you want it. However, our designers found the best results between three and four inches from the end of the stabilizer. The new X-VIBE comes standard with the AXCEL® CarboFlax® Acclaim 550 Stabilizer, but will be also be sold separately for addition to our CarboFlax 500 and 650 bars or any other bar in 0.500", 0.550" or 0.650" sizes. The AXCEL® X-VIBE is covered by US Pat. 10,655,927, licensed through Mathew's® Inc.

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